Vikram Patil

Associate Director of Business Development

Vikram Patil is the Associate Director of Business Development at CrimsonLogic (Canada) Inc, a company featuring over 30 years of expertise in trade facilitation. With a global presence spanning across the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, CrimsonLogic is a recognized leader in its field of total trade facilitation, port community systems and supply chain orchestration.

Vikram brings to his role a rich background of 12 years with CrimsonLogic, during which he served as a product manager and successfully spearheaded the execution of 14 diverse products in the domains of customs compliance, eCommerce, and supply chain data visibility in North America. His profound knowledge and experience in the intricacies of US and Canadian customs compliance, coupled with his involvement in various trade facilitation initiatives, have positioned him as a trusted expert in the field. Vikram has further showcased his commitment by participating in several sub-committees dedicated to customs matters.

Before joining CrimsonLogic, Vikram played a pivotal role at CrimsonLogic’s Singapore office, where he contributed to projects in collaboration with Singapore Customs. Notably, he gained valuable experience in collaborating with the Port of Singapore on container booking and container security initiatives.

Vikram holds a master’s degree in computer-Integrated Manufacturing from Nanyang University, Singapore, in addition to an engineering degree. His educational foundation, coupled with his extensive hands-on experience, makes him an asset in the realm of trade and logistics.

Vikram Patil’s journey in the field is marked by a deep commitment to enhancing trade processes and leveraging technology for greater efficiency. His expertise and dedication continue to drive innovation and success in the industry.