Sherry Scully

Director of Workforce Development

Dr. Sherry Scully is the Director of Workforce Development at the Port of Halifax, working primarily through The PIER. Sherry has more than two decades of experience conducting primary research and contributing to literature, resources, and strategy and program development related to workforces in evolving industries and those in transformation.

In her current role with The PIER, she is examining barriers to entry to port careers, for under-represented workers. She will consider the growth and evolution of the transportation industry and the implications that has for our regional and national workforce.

Sherry holds an interdisciplinary PhD in social psychology and management from Dalhousie University, as well as an MBA and two degrees in Education. A strong advocate for learning, Sherry volunteers with educational development efforts internationally, and in her spare time can be found snorkeling in the ocean or wandering a mountain top – exploring sea to sky!