Michael Shaffner

Director of planning and technology
Port Houston

Michael Shaffner joined Port Houston in 2015 as Director of planning and technology. In this role he works with a team that is responsible for the applications necessary for operations, to include: implementation, process optimization, project management, training, and strategic planning.

Michael and his team work to ensure current and future operational technologies are dependable and aligned with Port Houston’s strategic plan.  Implementing the right technology at the right time is critical to ensuring Port Houston is READY and executes on delivering service levels that provide value to our customers.

Prior to joining Port Houston Michael worked for fifteen years at a Global Terminal Operating Company. During this tenure Michael worked at marine terminals located along the US east, west, and gulf coasts performing various operational roles as: Stevedore, Yard/Gate Manager, Vessel Planner, Operations Manager, Labor Relations, and Director of Operations.