Maria Teresa Folgôa Batista

Auxiliary Researcher
University of Évora

Graduated in Zootechnical Engineering in 1992, Master in “Management of Biological Resources” (2000) and PhD in “Environmental Sciences”, by the University of Évora.
From 1998 till June 2023 she has lead the Environment and Development Unit (UAD) at CIMAC – Intermunicipal Community os Alentejo Central, in the fields of Environment and Sustainability, GIS (GEOCIMAC) and Risks and Adaptation to Climate Change, circular economy, among others. In the field of Climate Change Adaptation, she has lead the “Intermunicipal Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in Central Alentejo (PIAAC)” (2017-2018), the “Municipal Adaptation plans for the 14 Municipalities – Adapta.Local.CIMAC” (2021-2023), the “SIG-GO – Geographic Information System to Support AAC and Operations Management” and the project “Life Project – MyBuildingisGreen”. In the field of e-governance she has lead the Evora Digital District (2004-2007) that built the digital capabilities for 14 municipalities in the South of Portugal, and created the several GIS sites and spatial data infrastructures,,, sigredes (2011), sig-go (2018-19), (2014) and others.
Fram 1997-2021 she was Invite professor in the University of Évora teaching GIS, EIA and Landscape Ecology.
Actually she is full time Researcher at the University of Évora, IIFA – Institute for Research and Advanced Training, MED – Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development and Associate Laboratory CHANGE – Global Change and Sustainability Institute – University of Évora, coordinating NEXUS Agenda in the University of Évora, namely the descarbonization study and Geovisualization platform for the Port of Sines, Portugal.