Hans Rook


Hans has worked in the transport and logistics sea trade sector for 52 years. He started his career at a shipping agency and having gained experience in all facets of import and export services, he was appointed to set up the ICT function in the company. He is also one of the gurus on EDI standardisation – he joined UN working groups to establish UN/CEFACT EDIFACT messages for the global sea trade industry. Having been general manager of ICT within the shipping agency, Hans was invited to join the Rotterdam group of experts for the set-up of the Port Community System in the Port of Rotterdam.

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has chalked up some remarkable achievements in recent years. Membership has increased to the point where IPCSA is now active and has members in every continent; IPCSA has continued to increase its influence at the highest levels; and IPCSA membership has expanded beyond port and cargo community systems to include Single Window operators.

All of this has been achieved under the dynamic chairmanship of Hans Rook, whose knowledge and expertise of community systems, IT and port logistics, built up over a 50-year career, is unrivalled. Hans handed over the chairmanship of IPCSA in February this year. The board of IPCSA have awarded him the honourable title of ambassador in gratitude for his years of dedication and representation of and for the members of IPCSA. Hans is one of the visionaries in developing new services to support the simplification of trade.

In 2019, Hans retired from his senior advisor position at Portbase Rotterdam, the Port Community System in The Netherlands.

 “We have a very broad scope of members, from those just starting out on Port Community Systems to those that have many decades’ experience. IPCSA successfully combines the two so that members can learn from each other and help each other to facilitate trade”.

Global trade facilitation is at the forefront of everything we do, and costs are being reduced due to the solutions our members develop and provide. As ambassador, I will represent IPCSA in moving forward as fast as possible but in a strategic way. IPCSA is respected at intergovernmental level, including at the UN and the IMO, and many decision-makers receive and value our expertise.